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Again, I apologize!] 

2eriiou2ly why would ii have flu2hed feeliing2 for a human.
you all 2uck. 

[Sorry about my slow pace! Lately, I’ve been getting too much homework and feeling sick. :(] 

que2tiion ii2, who doe2n’t want me eheheheh.
iit wa2 only a matter of tiime, kk. 

ii am the be2t.iit ii2 me.ii can kiick all of your a22e2.

ii am the be2t.
iit ii2 me.
ii can kiick all of your a22e2.

2eriiou2ly who doe2n’t love flynt flo22y.lemme 2mang iit giirl. 

2eriiou2ly who doe2n’t love flynt flo22y.
lemme 2mang iit giirl.